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Whether you’re looking for an emergency vehicle built on a Ford medium-duty ambulance chassis or shopping for an International or Freightliner ambulance, McCoy Miller delivers custom medium-duty ambulances to complete your ambulance fleet. Available in multiple lengths — 163"-, 170"- and 172" — these ambulance trucks are the brawn of the crew thanks to their rugged build, custom features and 72- to 74" of interior headroom.

  • A roomy action area makes on-the-move patient care easier thanks to ample interior cabinets and exterior aluminum compartments.
  • These vehicles include easy-to-maintain, full-height, stainless-steel doors, an industry-only feature – just six screws and you have complete access to the door’s mechanism.
  • Every extrusion is cut to exacting measures using a CNC plasma laser — a one-of-a-kind process that helps contribute to McCoy Miller’s fast lead times. Why spend 2 hours cutting holes by hand when it can take 14 minutes?


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Just like the custom builds found on each of McCoy Miller’s specialty vehicles, these units provide you with plenty of options when it comes to your chassis. Choose from an International, Freightliner, Kenworth or Ford ambulance chassis and you’re all set to tackle the next call.


Freightliner 9170M2


Freightliner 9170M2


International 91631


International 91701


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When it comes to value-added features on a McCoy Miller lineup, these specialty vehicles far surpass the status quo. Customizable, from top to bottom, each one allows crews from all walks of life and lines of duty to create a unique ride that lives up to their needs.


Just like each McCoy Miller ambulance line, these specialty vehicles also benefit from a baseline buying process that allows individuals to customize units from the ground up. Simply begin with a chassis, select a module size and then work through our up-front process.



TriMark handles aren’t just the handles ambulance manufacturers trust most, they’re also the ones crews rely on time and time again. By providing a skid-free backing and enough room to grip without needing to remove gloves, these handles make interactions a breeze.



Full-height, stainless-steel door panels, a McCoy Miller brand exclusive, provide operators with an easily accessible mechanism area that is reached by only removing six screws, as well as delivering easy door handle maintenance and options for latch adjustment ports.



McCoy Miller’s specialty vehicles re extremely customizable, but that doesn’t mean these ambulances aren’t already packed with must-have standards. No matter which chassis type or module length you choose to fit your needs, this vehicle is guaranteed to fit right in with your fleet thanks to these valuable inclusions.


  • Body: All-aluminum construction with one-piece .125” body side skins
  • Flooring: LonPlate, rolled 3” up sidewalls, 2” x 2” x .125” floor tubes
  • Mounting plates: 6” wide x .5” thick
  • Rear bumper: Steel frame, rear step with ADP corner pods and flip-up center
  • Roof: .090” single roof sheet, 2” x 2” x .125” crown rolled
  • Sidewalls: 2” x 2” x .125” sidewall tubes
  • Vapor barrier: .050” full-length

Cabinets and Compartments

  • Cabinets: .75” laminated plywood with optional aluminum cabinets
  • Exterior: Aluminum compartments


  • Door liners: 14GA stainless-steel, attached with 10-24 stainless-steel screws into automotive clips
  • HD extruded door frames: .125” pan-formed skin
  • HD extruded door jams: Seamless
  • Improved design: Reduced welding to enhance overall appearance
  • Improved design: Reduced welding to enhance overall appearance
  • Integrated door seal: Reduces wear on seal and eliminates outer contamination
  • Latches: TriMark paddle style

Electrical system

  • Circuit board: Printed
  • Door open circuits: Magnetic/LED diagnostic circuit
  • High current switches: Marine-grade, replaceable, milliamp circuit
  • Inverter: Pre-wired for 1,000-watt inverter
  • System: Excel electrical system

Emergency alerts

  • Back-Up alarm: 97 Db with momentary cutoff
  • Dome lights: Eight dual element, halogen, two rows of four each, switched separately
  • Flasher: Vanner 9360OCPE
  • Grille lights: Whelen LED
  • Intersection lights: Whelen LED
  • Load lights: Two Whelen 900 series halogen
  • Marker lights: ICC LED
  • Scene lights: Six Whelen 900 series halogen
  • Siren: Whelen 295SLSA1
  • Speakers: Cast bumper mount, 100-watt
  • Spotlight: One 400,000CP handheld light with momentary switch
  • Warning lights: Ten Whelen 900 series halogens


  • O2 tanks: O2 zico QRMV rack for “M” or “H” tanks
  • AC/heat system: 650 CFM blower, 36,000-BTU heat, 32,000-BTU cool
  • Insulation: R-11 fiberglass bats
  • Vent power: Marine-style (163/170)


  • Aspirator: Rico RS-4X with Gast electric vacuum pump
  • Cot mount: Ferno-Washington STAT-TRAC
  • IV holders: Dual cast recessed hangers in ceiling
  • Seat belts: Six-point


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McCoy Miller ambulances give you options when building your new fleet. The versatility of building on the modular body and configuring the rest of the unit for unique specifications allows for upgrades to the heating and cooling, as well as aftermarket additions to the electrical panel.


The Excel electrical system allows for quick additions of numerous features throughout the ambulance. Printed circuit boards allow users to simply plug and play various components using a switch panel that involves minimal wiring and is easy to understand. This means aftermarket add-ons are easier than ever to implement.

Heating & Cooling

The insulation package on McCoy Miller’s full fleet of ambulances utilizes a spray foam. Coming standard is fiberglass insulation with an R-11 value, but users can upgrade the spray foam to be incorporated underneath the surfaces.

Reflective materials are used to help neutralize hot and cold external elements.

Patient Compartment

Providing EMT’s with superior convenience, the action area at the back of the ambulance comes with an integrated digital clock. The digital clock is plugged into the electrical switch panel, providing EMT’s with a means to check pulses without having to rely on an analog clock.


Each McCoy Miller ambulance comes with TriMark handles that are able to accommodate gloved hands, which comes in handy when you’re in a hurry, like a firefighter that needs to get into the unit and back out to the scene.


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Model Length Width Headroom Mid-Roof Headroom High-Roof Int. Storage Ext. Storage
Specialty 163" ??? 72" ??? ??? ???
Specialty 170 ??? 72" ??? ??? ???


Answers regarding McCoy Miller’s extensive lineup are just a few steps away. Submit your details below and an ambulance service member will be in contact with you shortly.